Leader in the distribution and the import of raw materials in China.

Babimel, the all-in porridge for piglets

Positive results have been obtained in recent months with Babimel in actual breeding practices. As a follow-up to the familiar and tasty Babito candy feed, a liquid variant has now been added to Nuscience’s pre-starter assortment...

Vitamex Shanghai, a member of the Nuscience Group, is one of the leading distributors and importers of raw materials in China. All our raw materials are of a high quality and safety level and come from all over the world. Each one is approved by the relevant departments in China. Our suppliers have a high reputation and are reliable sources in the feed industry. All raw materials are purchased directly from suppliers that uphold very strict quality control.
Based on our healthy animal nutrition concept we enjoy the confidence of national feed companies and large ranches in the US. Our customers approve and appreciate the quality and the stable supply of our products. They are glad to choose our products to achieve a good performance, safety and sustainable feed formulas.

Our contact information:
Vitamex Shanghai Ltd.
Room 2704, 2705 Sino Life Tower, 707 Zhangyang Road Pudong, Shanghai, 200120

Tel: +86 21 61090356
Fax: +86 21 61090353



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