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As a leader in the global market of green feed, the Nuscience group is focusing on the functioning and nutritional research of animal feed. In China, the Nuscience group provides top-quality products under the name of “Lvsai”, aiming to create a healthy, safe and stable animal feed environment.
  • Babimel, the all-in porridge for piglets

    Positive results have been obtained in recent months with Babimel in actual breeding practices. As a follow-up to the familiar and tasty Babito candy feed, a liquid variant has now been added to Nuscience’s pre-starter assortment...

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    Nuscience opens second production line in Suzhou, China

    Today, Nuscience has held a Grand Opening Ceremony for the second production line in Suzhou, China. Over 400 customers attended the ceremony. With this new...

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    Nuscience is constructing two new factories in China

    Nuscience Group operates since 1997 in China. As the business is growing steadily, Nuscience decides to invest in extra production capacity in Suzhou...

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